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Expert Exotic Car Towing in Southeastern Milwaukee

Modified Vehicle Towing

Modified Vehicle Towing

As with any other type of automobile, exotic cars can also break down on the road. These vehicles require the highest level of handling and care that can only be delivered by a superior towing company. We have the experience, equipment, and knowledge necessary to safely haul any exotic car and ensure that your prized possession is treated with the utmost respect and care.

Low-Ground Clearance Towing

Low-Ground Clearance Towing

Many exotic cars have low ground clearance and, as a result, require special handling. Our qualified and trusted towing professionals will take all the necessary steps to ensure that these vehicles are loaded slowly into our tow trucks and transported with caution.

Local Exotic Car Towing

Local Exotic Car Towing

Your exotic vehicle deserves the best possible care available in Waukesha County. You can trust that our team of towing professionals will do whatever it takes to safely transport your beautiful car to the garage of your choosing. With Brookfield Towing Service, you can breathe easy knowing that your exotic vehicle will be safely moved and well protected.

Brookfield Towing provides tow truck and hauling services for many different makes & models including:












And more!

What Kinds of Exotic Cars Can You Tow?

With our towing technology and professional technicians, we can safely tow any exotic, luxurious, or vintage vehicle. Whether it be a Ferrari, Tesla, Corvette, or Bugatti, we can get you the roadside assistance you need and transport your car wherever it needs to go with no issues. We use nylon and ratchet straps to securely and evenly fasten exotic vehicles to our tow trucks. From Great Lakes Dragway to Automotion we service Milwaukee, Mukwonago, Hales Corners, New Berlin, West Allis, Greenfield, and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. There is no metal-to-metal interaction between our trucks and the cars we are towing, ensuring that absolutely no damage is done to exotic cars in transit.

Local Exotic Car Towing